President & Founder

Mr. Harish Jagtani (President & Founder), started his career more than two decadesago in South Africa and today is one of the most successful business-man of the continent.Starting from scratch, today he has built a massive empire with successful business running across the globe stationed at Congo, India, Dubai and many more places.

To reach this pinnacle, Mr. Harish Jagtani has put in herculean efforts at thesame time ensuring not only personal success but also the success of hispartners and colleagues.

Today he is the proud owner of Serve Air, a domesticlogistic company with a fleet of 9 cargo airplanes, HJ Hospital SARL, Modern Constructions and many other ventures.Being committed to the society and the people of DR Congo, he has done a lotof workfor social welfare to return what the country has given him.Apart from this, he is also the president ofthe HJ Foundation which is a charitable trust for the welfare of the needy. With the Modern Construction added as one morefeather in his hat, he strivesto bring to the people of Congo a lifestyle which seemed a far-fetched dreamearlier. Introducing luxury and class in a completely innovative manner is whathe has thought of and is achieving through mediums such as Modern Construction, Congo.

Vice-President & Co-Founder

Mr. Sachin Gidwani, (Vice-President & Co-Founder), an Indian national, He joined the Modern Construction, Congo in 2010, then he has been promoted from the role of Administrator of the company's commercial unit to become a Vice-President with responsibility for Strategy and Marketing. In Modern Construction, his role includes development of the scheduled & strategic business plan and control over its implementation. He is having responsibility for sales and marketing strategy in the key areas of network development,as well as participate in the work of Modern Construction’s Management Committee.

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